Don Ygnacio de Alforo y Dueñas

Castillian Noble



Brawn 2
Finesse 4
Wits 2
Resolve 2
Panache 2


Type (To Hit), (DR), (Range), (Short/Long Mods), (Reload)
Knife 1 (7k4), (3k2), (9yds), (-0), (-5), (N/A)
Knife 2 " " " " " "
Pistol 1 (4k4), (4k3), (30yds), (-10), (-15), (20 actions)
Pistol 2 " " " " " "
Barehanded (5k4), (2k2)
Improvised (5k4), (Variable)

Defense (Passive)/(Active)

Footwork (20)/(5k2)
Parry (15)/(4k2)
Climbing (10)/(3k2)
Running (10)/(3k2)
Leaping (5)/(2k2)

Wound Check

2k2 against FW
Crippled 2
Knocked out 4


Castillian Education
Foul Weather Jack (Mistaken Identity! 4 points)
Languages: Speaks Avalon, Eisen, Montaignais, Ussuran, Vendel, Vodacce. Reads: Castillian


Dancing 1
Etiquette 1
Fashion 1
Oratory 1
Lip Reading 1
Scheming 1

History 1
Mathematics 1
Philosophy 1
Research 1
Natural Philosophy 2

Climbing 1
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1
Breakfall 1

Gambling 1
Shadowing 1
Stealth 2
Ambush 1
Lock Pick 1
Pick Pocket 2

Dirty Fighting
Attack 2
Improv Weapon 1
Throat Strike 1

Attack 3
Parry 2
Throw 1

Hubris: Rash


Don Ygnacio is a strange man. A soft spoken scholar whose bloodline is older than tree or stone, he doesn’t look the part of Castillian Aristocracy. His coloring and quickness fit the part, but his cauliflower ear, his obviously broken, and re-broken, and re-re-broken nose belie his quiet demeanor. The scars criss-crossing his knuckles are hidden by lace, more often than not. He knows a little bit about a lot of things, but not much about the things he ought to know best, to hear his acquaintances tell it. And though he is charming and an excellent conversationalist, he speaks plainly and is more likely to be found in a bareknuckle prizefight in a back alley in Carleon than he is in a front parlor luncheon. He has nothing but disdain for the sword, preferring his fists or a knife in a fair fight, and the two pistols he keeps ready at hand have a way of making all fights fair. His enigmatic bodyservant, the unassuming doctor, is his surgeon as well as his servant, and though their relationship is difficult to fathom, the trained observer will notice that the Don is more likely to place himself between the doctor and trouble than the other way around. And trouble there is in large measure. Six duels refused in the last eight months, and thirteen accepted. If you can call one man (or one man and his doctor) against four a duel.

Don Ygnacio de Alforo y Dueñas

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