Agile, Enthusiastic, Lack-Witted Castillian Circus Performer


Brawn: 2
Finesse: 2
Wits: 1
Resolve: 1
Panache: 3

Type (To Hit), (DR), (Range), (Short/Long Mods), (Reload)
Knife 1 (7k4), (3k2), (9yds), (-0), (-5), (N/A)

Defense (Passive)/(Active)
Footwork (20)/(4k1)
Parry (15)/(3k1)
Leaping (10)/(2k1)
Rolling (10)/(2k1)
Swinging (20)/ (4k1)
Balance (20)/ (4k1)
Climbing (20)/(4k1)

Wound Check
2k2 against FW
Crippled 1
Knocked out 2

Languages: Speaks Avalon, Castillian, Crescent, Eisen, Montaignais, Ussuran, Vendel, Vodacce


Acting 1
Dancing 3
Oratory 1
Singing 1
Circus 3

Climbing 3
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1
Breakfall 1
Leaping 1
Rolling 1
Swinging 3

Attack 3
Parry 2
Throw 3

Speciatly: Balance 3
Specialty: Trick Riding 1

Hubris: Trusting


A small, lithe figure, you might not even notice Essie trailing obediently behind the Prince. (He does tend to draw the eye—and the ear.) Essie stands a mere 5’1”, and is fairly nondescript except for her mane of bright red hair, but as it’s invariably tied back from her lightly freckled face, you might not notice that either. Castillian by birth, her features look to be more Avalonian, but asking her about it (or about her lack of a surname) will get you nothing more than a vacant and faintly bemused smile. Ask her anything else, and you’ll probably get the same. She’s always been a bit “simple.” She makes up for this by being sweet as can be, enthusiastic, and all too trusting on occasion. People tend to want to take care of cute little Essie, and that’s a good thing, because she’s not very good at doing it for herself.

Having grown up in the circus, Essie is an accomplished acrobat. She’s perhaps most comfortable when swinging from a trapeze or tumbling across a room full of obstacles. The circus, Papa Wiley’s Fantastical Big Top and Menagerie, regularly travels throughout Théah. Papa Wiley (Wilifred Timotheus Rinaldo) runs the most well-known and respected traveling carnival in all of Théah. No one knows for sure from where Papa Wiley hails, but his many political connections allow him access most travelers lack. The circus crosses borders and passes through contested territories far more easily and often than one might think such an enterprise ought. As such, Essie has picked up a generous handful of languages and feels at home in most cultures. Then again, she’s childlike enough that she feels fairly at home anywhere.

Essie never knew her parents. She was raised by the circus folk, who scrupulously avoided mention of her origins. Papa Wiley himself took a special interest in her upbringing, even (oddly) making sure she was well-trained in the art of combat. This training was provided in the guise of preparation for a knife-throwing carnival attraction, but she can use her blade to deadly effect as well. This was illustrated clearly on the day that Prince Reinhardt Pösen visited the circus.

Essie loved it when nobles came to the Big Top. All the pageantry, the fabrics, the feathers, the jewels—so many pretty things to look at! Thus she was paying close attention when the Prince was attacked by a band of cloaked assassins. Without even thinking, she buried a knife in the throat of the tallest fellow at 50 paces—just as he was about to cut the Prince down from behind. Impressed by her skills, both as a performer and a knife fighter, the Prince (after some negotiation with Papa Wiley) added little Essie to his retinue. Before she left, Papa told her to “watch his back, he’ll need it, and have a care for your own as well, little one.” That is precisely what she’s been doing ever since. Well…that’s what she’s been doing when there’s not something sparkly to look at anyway…


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