Nadya S'ynokvoron'yova

Ussuran hunter, Full-blood Pyeryem shapeshifter.


Brawn 3
Finesse 3
Wits 2
Resolve 4
Panache 1


Bow To hit: 6k3 Damage: 2k2 Short range less than 75 yards Long range, greater than or equal to 75 yards Range= 150 yds
Knife To hit: 3k3 Damage: 5k2


Footwork Passive: 20 Active: 5k2
Climbing Passive: 10 Active: 3k2
Sprinting Passive: 10 Active: 3k2
Leaping Passive: 5 Active: 2k2
Parry Passive: 5 Active: 2k2

Wound Check

3k3 against Flesh Wounds
Crippled: 4 Dramatic Wounds
KO: 8 Dramatic Wounds


Stealth 2
Traps 2
Tracking 2


Attack 3
Fletcher 3 (Wits + Fletcher = 1 arrow found after shooting per 10 TN)


Climbing 1
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1 (Not an attack skill)

Pyeryem Full Blood
Speak 2
Man 2
Forms 3

Man = resolve + man knack against 15 TN
miss by 7 = trapped in form until following dawn

Speak = resolve + speak against 15 TN
for animals outside Ussura harder with distance and domestication

Transform= 1 Action die + 1 Drama die + roll resolve + forms knack against TN of animal, below:

Raven TN 15
+ attack 0k2, + Flight + Keen Sight + Speed, Wits + 1, Brawn -2, No fine manipulation

Wolf TN 25
+ attack 0k2 bite, Brawn +1, Howl, keen smell, heek hearing, silence, no grasping limbs

Snow Leopard TN 35
+ attack 0k2 bite 0k2 claws, Brawn +2, Climb, keen smell, leaping, Speed, Warmth, no grasping limbs, poor sight

Kodiak TN 35
+ attack 0k2 bite 0k3 claws, Brawn+3, Keen Smell, Swimming, Warmth, Finesse -2, no fine manipulation

Quiver 18 arrows
Hunting Knife
Bed roll
Flint and steel

Arcanum: Inverted Sun Hubris: Proud


Nadezhda (Nadya) Kuzmina S’ynokvoron’yova is, as far as she knows, the last of the Raven clan. She grew up under the loving gaze of Matushka on the high plains of Ussura. Her childhood was happy. She learned to hunt with bow and knife, to trap with pit and snare, to fish with hook and spear. When the change came on her first, it did so suddenly, and without apprenticeship. She woke one evening with a mask of black feathers and the black beak of a raven. A good omen. Her brothers teased her, but they were secretly pleased. None had had Matushka’s gift present itself so strongly in several generations. She was sent on a journey of contemplation before she began her apprenticeship in earnest. It was the smoke on the wind that brought her back to the village. The flames had taken everything. Spent arrows littered the ground. Everywhere were bodies. Ilya who had taught her how to wrestle. She did not stop to grieve. Her father’s mother was dead, too, half her face missing, burn marks on the bone. She still gripped a rock in her fist. Nadya’s face grew numb and her vision dark. Who would kill the elderly? She stumbled in confusion, sifting in the ashes for some sign of Nikolai, her favorite brother. Her mind kept turning over the same questions. The men were in the village, there were signs of struggle. Where were the bodies of the raiders? The air was thick with the stink of smoke and slaughter, choking her. Was it the Fox clan? The Elk? Sneaking Elk, with their shifting eyes. No, too far. Another smell, too, in the back of her throat. What was it? Her heart burned inside her. Her chest was tight. Blood dimmed her vision even further. Revenge was all she would live for. Where were the raiders? Was their blood mixed with her family’s? She would have retched, but her throat felt wrong. She heard a faint cry from the far side of the village and raised her muzzle to the wind, tasting it. Ah, she had it now. It was bronze, like Ilya’s cloak clasp. When had she changed? Dangerous not to pay attention. She stood on her hind legs and sloughed the spirit skin of Brother Wolf. The world grew dim and quiet and the stink was mostly gone, but her lungs still burned. She strung her bow and fitted an arrow before making her way across the village. As she drew close, she heard the noise again. A whimper. In the low scrub near the lightning-split fir that marked the trailhead, she found him. Tolya. The drunkard. He was lying in his own filth, gibbering. Nadya questioned him, but his answers made no sense. Metal men, out of the south, and strange magics. He was mad. She knelt on his chest until he was quiet for a count of 100, and then she gathered up her gear and left. South. Whoever they were, Matushka grant her teeth meet in the middle of their necks before she rejoined her family in Matushka’s arms.

Nadya S'ynokvoron'yova

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