Peter (Pip) Humberstone

Avalon pre-teen



Brawn 1
Finesse 3
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Panache 3

Attack (to hit) (damage)

Polearm (6k3) (4k2) – 1 unkept to first combat role of round (small)

Defense (Passive) Active

Footwork (20) 6k3
Parry (20) 6k3
Climbing (20) 6k3
Running (20) 6k3
Leaping (5) 3k3

Wound Check

1k1 against Flesh Wounds
Crippled: 2
Knocked Out: 4


Gambling 1
Shadowing 2
Stealth 2
Ambush 2

Balance 3
Knots 2
Climbing 2
Rigging 2

Climbing 3
Footwork 3
Sprinting 3
Throwing 1

Attack 3
Parry 3
Set Defense 1


Small +1 kept to shadowing and stealth rolls
Above Average Appearance
Legendary trait (wits)
Patron: The Professor


Pip? Pip’s an enigma ‘swhat he is. No mum, no da. No story. Seems ta been a fo’c’sle jack, or maybe i’ the tops. Knows his ropes, knows his knots. Quick enough to be a master’s mate, but he sure ain’t no squeaker, no sir. No commission in white nankeens, regular foremast jack sportin’ canvas. He can’t read, and he can’t write, but he knows what’s what. Got himself a patron, the Professor, what keeps him in his tin. Which it ain’t easy in Carleon for a sprite like ‘im, everybody knows. Dunno, though. Why’d he leave the sea? Sure, which it’s hard. But this Professor, where is he? Who is he? What’s he want? Why’s he throwin’ lucre at a lad can’t rightly shave? Rumors about the Professor every which way. Never been one for rumors, meself, but if Pip keeps runnin’ fer the likes a him, there’ll be the devil to pay, and no pitch hot.

Peter (Pip) Humberstone

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