An Eisen Wanderer, Bound to an Enigmatic Destiny Most Dark


Werner is an enigmatic wanderer. His memory is fragmented. In its place is a dark and violent cloud, intermittently lit with flashing images of snow, smoke, blood, and fire… of laughter, children playing, hard work, passing seasons… of the weight of tools in the hand, the feel of rough oak, of cold water… and of an endless void. He is consumed with a nameless purpose that galvanizes his body with strength, with invincibility. But where his body is strong, his mind is not, and so he wanders, still as yet unsure of who he was and what it is he must do. He knows that there is some nameless task that will release him from this limbo, and he intends to find it and complete it at any cost… before the storm in his mind overcomes sanity’s last anchor.

When the icy wind of the Eisen winter blows in his face, he grins with a grim satisfaction, for he knows that it cannot harm him. The fate bound to him is unavoidable, and woe to the unfortunates tied to his thread.


'The Noisy Tide of Time' didalos