Dramatis Personae

Prince Reinhardt Posen, a Dashing and Indomitable Eisen Royal Knight, played by Rick Stemm

Zittriger Greis a Grizzled, Veteran Eisen Knight, played by Russell Reed

Remy Ventif de Chanceu, a Genius and Quick-Witted Montaigne Inventor, played by Mike Lienau

Essie, an Agile but Lack-Witted Castillian Circus Performer, played by Erika Ensign

Bartholemew Bartles, a Stunning and Beloved Avalonian Bard, played by Matt Shrader

‘Verner,’ an Enigmatic and Iron-Willed Eisen Wanderer, played by Jesse Winkler

Sveta Ivanovna Petrova, a Practical Ussuran Hunter and Shapeshifter, played by Celeste Derozier

Vera Fiorentino, a Seductive Vodacce Fate Witch Incognito as a Jenny, played by McKenzie Zeiss

Dr. Mandrake Mortatum, a Cryptic Avolonian Sorceror of Unknown Power, played by Eric Cotter

Inigo de la Vega, a Heroic, Skilled Castillian Swordsman with a Mysterious Past, played by Christian Neuhaus

Tur’Lokk, a Commanding and Skilled Vesten King of Bandits, played by Anthony Cary

The Prince’s Entourage, a heroic band of long-sung do-gooders with more Bravery than Sense, consists of:

Said Prince, Reinhardt Posen, left court to Adventure, to the Betterment of the court at Posen and the Wide World
‘The Old Man,’ his beleaguered mentor, who serves these Heroic Trials as Punishment
Bart Bartles, his Famous friend, who considers this equally to be His Entourage, and catalogues their daring through Song
Essie, his Loyal and Distracted companion, who for the moment has Nothing Better to Do
Remy, who travels with the group to put his Genius to use on a more Global and Exciting scale
Verner, an outsider, who follows the Group for Mysterious and Ignoble Personal Reasons

and, a seemingly Infinite Number of Monsters and Assassins that assault them at Every Turn

The Bandit King’s Crew, a Practical-Minded group of Gritty Survivors, consists of:

Tur’Lokk, said Bandit King, with all of the Needed Skills and none of the Proof to back up his Royal Claim
Svetya, who would rather Make Sure They All Live than create stories to be Sung Of
Vera, who follows the Secretive Strands of Fate
Mandrake, whose Heroic Cowardice is only outshone by his Incredible and Unknown Powers of Time
Inigo, whose Heroing is better put to use in a group Not Constantly Attacked by Monsters and Assassins

Dramatis Personae

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