Prince Reinhardt: Old Man, you should speak to the count, You have a special quality, a certain…
The Old Man: Gravitas?
Prince: Oldness.
Old Man: Gravitas.
Prince: Right, gravitas.

Prince Reinhardt: See man? We were destined for this! It’s our fate!
Bart: But meddling with our strands of fate? I feel violated.
Prince Reinhardt: Being violated is a large part of heroing.
Bart: You know, you always say that…

Prince Reinhardt: You look like a take-charge fellow. I’ll grant you my leave to take command in my absence.
Tur’Lokk the Bandit King: Fuck off.
Prince Reinhardt: Right then!

Inigo de la Vega [to Dandies]: You gentlemen have useful information. Which is why one of you will survive this encounter.

Gries: I blew up your face!*

*possible mistranslation


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