Prince Reinhardt Pösen

Eisen noble



Brawn 3
Wits 2
Finesse 3
Resolve 2
Panache 2

Arcana: Reckless
Background: Hunted 3


Swordsman’s School: Pösen
Swordsman’s Guild
Dracheneisen (Petty Nobility)
Artifact (2) ‘Magic’ Spear
Appearance: Above Average
Languages: Eisen, Avalon, Vendel (Frieburg accent)


Pösen School

Lance (Polearm) 3
Charge (Polearm) 1
Beat Polearm) 1
Exploit Weakness (Pösen) 1


Ride 3


Attack 3
Parry 3


Climbing 1
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1


Attack 1
Footwork 3
Jab 1


Dancing 1
Etiquette 1
Fashion 1
Oratory 1


History 1
Mathematics 1
Philosophy 1
Research 1


Dracheneisen arm guard (left arm), boot (right foot)
Boar spear
‘Magic’ Spear

1500 G (need to subtract for equipment)


Nephew to the ruthless Eisenfurst Fauner Posen, Reinhardt has all the advantage and training of a warrior-noble with none of the responsibility. This has led him to while away his free time on adventures not so useful to kin and country. Competent and dashing but naive and reckless, Reinhardt wants to leave the drudgery of war-torn Eisen and find a proper adventure where he can do some real good. Fauner is all too happy to get him out of her hair, and hopes the wide world knocks some sense into him.

Reinhardt’s study of stories and rogue exploration have come to a head recently. In an abandoned dracheneisen mine, the prince found a honest-to-Theus magic weapon. Or, so he believes. His mentors and friends think differently. Of course, no one was there to see what happened when he found it. And he has been the target of attacks recently. Spurred on by his finding, attempts on his life, and Fauner Posen’s increasing disdain for his heroic (rather than practical) bent, Reinhardt left on a journey.

Prince Reinhardt has the bearing of a storybook knight, including the shining armor. He is confidant, charming, and martially powerful. With a little wisdom and temperence, he could become a great leader for Eisen. But first his recklessness and naivete must be conquered.

Prince Reinhardt Pösen

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